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In 2018 Wild Namibia Safaris was established by Brink Grobler, who grew up in the northern parts of Namibia on a farm. His father taught him a lot about nature and ethical hunting, and he believes that’s where his love for hunting, as well as the outdoors started. 


At the age of 9 years old, he shot his first kudu bull.  Brink started his hunting career in 2007, as a professional hunter and was able to complete his big game licence through the years.  Since then, he has conducted quite a lot of big game hunts.

Wild Namibia Safaris is mainly based in the western areas of Namibia. We also operate in the Caprivi Strip and in Zimbabwe for dangerous game. This area also has a wide variety of great trophies. Our hunting areas stretches from the Namib desert all the way through the bushveld and mountainous regions towards the north eastern region, the wet Caprivi. We only hunt in free range areas. The hunting areas stretches well over 300 000 acres where we hunt plains game and leopard. Leopard is one of our favourite trophies to hunt and had a lot off success over the years.


Most of the big game species are hunted in the Caprivi, while leopard and mostly plains game is hunted in the rest of Namibia. There are 2 types of accommodation that can be chosen from for your perfect safari which is either luxurious lodging or tented camps.

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