With a 90-Day Turnaround

Since the beginning, our vision hasn’t wavered — creating original works of wildlife art that uniquely share the story of your hunt. If that’s your vision, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.

At its best, an animal trophy tells stories. There’s the tale of the animal itself. And then there’s the story of the hunt and its many experiences — the cool morning air, the rustling leaves, the anticipation and the adrenaline. Bringing these stories to life is the goal behind every original piece that we create here at Animal Artistry. And it’s been that way since we began in 1980.

As the world’s leading animal art studio, we approach every project with the same exacting standards — exceptional attention to detail and the utmost care and respect for the animal itself. Each piece is an original, individually designed and sculpted to enhance the animal’s best features while reflecting accurate anatomy and genuine wildlife behavior.

Your experience doesn’t end with the kill. At Animal Artistry, we create works of art that finish the hunt. And it’s all done with the industry’s fastest turnaround time — 90 days.

Our History

Animal Artistry began four decades ago as a mid-life crisis. Disillusioned with my chosen career, I decided to try to do something that I really loved — taxidermy. Since childhood, I have been utterly fascinated with animals and with the concept of preserving their beauty. To that end, I tendered my resignation and put together a small studio in my garage. Much to the credit of my wife, she tolerated the mess and the fumes that transcended into our home.

Up to that point, I had never seen a financially successful taxidermist, which is why I had a self-imposed timeline of two years. If it didn’t work out in that time, we could call it therapy and move on to a real job. Fortunately, we happened to come along at the right time with the right idea. The vision I had of wildlife was not of a stuffed, stagnant trophy, but of a living, moving animal, with all its inherent grace and dignity. This concept of animals in motion — the art of the animal — resonated, and things began happening quickly.

We were eventually kicked out of our garage by the neighbors and forced to take a small commercial building (which should have been condemned). Having no business background, we navigated the dual struggle of creating a new form of taxidermy while also developing some kind of business model. Along the way, we probably made every mistake that can be made before eventually finding a system that worked. Today, Animal Artistry is one of the most respected taxidermy studios in the world, with a talented team of 40 artists, and our work can be seen around the world. Our story is truly an American success story and even now, it is not finished.

Since the beginning, our vision hasn’t wavered — creating original works of wildlife art that uniquely share the story of your hunt. If that’s your vision, we’d love the opportunity to work with you.


From the very beginning, Mike Boyce had a different vision of taxidermy. As a painter and a sculpture, Mike approached his new vocation as an artist. His understanding of design principles, his first-hand experience with animals from around the world, his innate artistic talent, and his genuine appreciation for the beauty of wildlife combined to create true works of art the likes of which the taxidermy industry had never seen. And it didn’t stop with individual trophies. Mike’s vision included the concept of the elevated trophy room and expanded to encompass spectacular reproduction pieces and dramatic bronze sculptures. Today, Animal Artistry is proud to offer the world’s leading animal art in various media.



Experience speaks for itself, and taxidermy is no exception. Mike has traveled the world many times over, and reference libraries are a poor substitute for seeing these animals in their natural habitats. It’s the exquisite attention to detail that does a trophy justice, and the team at Animal Artistry has the experience and skillset to flawlessly execute every piece. From accurate anatomy to appropriate posture to subtle nuance, our pieces of art are breathtaking representations of the living, breathing, moving animal. Every trophy we mount is a custom work of art, individually designed and sculpted to exacting standards. The mount itself is built with an emphasis on symmetry, detail, and overall durability for a stunningly realistic representation of the animal and its natural habitat.

Trophy Rooms & Murals

Done well, the trophy room is a space that tells the stories of the animals and the many experiences of the hunts themselves. Our skilled trophy room design team will work with your architect or builder for new construction or remodel projects that perfectly capture the realism of the outdoors. Gone are the days of the “den of death” — an uninspired space adorned with severed heads. Our vision brings the outdoors in.

These stunning dioramas begin with the backdrop, a site-specific mural that visually expands the room while also lending depth, dimensions, and realism. Our team then constructs stunningly realistic settings based on your animals’ native habitats. The diorama builds on the background with dramatic sets that include reproduction trees and foliage, rock formations, water features, professional lighting, even appropriate weather elements and sound effects. These custom habitats allow for the display of more animals without a crowded effect, and the effect as a whole beautifully brings the animals’ stories to life.


The world is changing, and animal reproductions have come a long way. Today’s state-of-the-art techniques make it possible to create incredibly realistic reproductions of animals including elephants, hippos, rhinos, and large reptiles. These highly detailed works of art are so authentically recreated, many cannot be discerned from real skins. Our skilled reproductions also include antlers and horns.

Remounting Services

Animal Artistry offers remounting services for old, damaged, or poorly created trophies. Some mounts are simply decades old, while others were a disappointment from the start. Regardless of the situation, the value of the trophy and the story it’s meant to tell have been lost. At Animal Artistry, we love the challenge of restoring both.

The remounting process begins with a discussion about your trophy so that expectations are clear. Once a pose has been confirmed and a deposit has been paid, our team begins work. Remounting is a delicate process that begins with properly hydrating skins to open the sutures. The skins are carefully removed from the old mannikin to be expertly cleaned and dressed. Meanwhile, a new mannikin is sculpted. The trophy is then remounted and sent to the finishing department for final detailing.

Because every step of the remounting process is completed in house at Animal Artistry, with no need to wait on the tannery, the timeline for completion is much quicker. All remounts meet our guaranteed 90-day turnaround, and the cost is no more than you’d spend on a standard mount.

While not every trophy can be re-mounted, we’ve had the pleasure of restoring countless pieces over the years. We also have an extensive inventory of replacement skins that can be used if an existing skin is simply beyond repair.

Before Remounting
After Remounting
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