Wild Instinct Hungary

Company established: June, 2012
Owner and Manager: Georg Versch
born on May 21, 1983
Holder of a hunting license since 2002, the 7th generation of the family to hold a license.

As CEO of the company, Georg Versch is deeply involved in all the countries in which his company organises hunts. Satisfied clients are testimony to the fact that this involvement pays off and that this active hunter’s concept is successful.


Roe Buck

Hungary's roe deer population is unique in Europe. Our areas are ideally suited for hunters who enjoy bagging larger quantities, as well as for those who go after the very best bucks.

We hunt in two regions of Hungary: in our contracted hunting areas surrounding our private hunting lodge, and in eastern Hungary.

As a result of the flat countryside of the hunting areas and the large fields, long-range shots of up to 300 metres are possible. We travel with 4x4 vehicle and as soon as a buck is spotted we try to get close by car or on foot until it is within range.
The roe buck hunt starts mid-April and ends on 30 September. 
We recommend hunting mid-April up to the end of May and from the end of July until mid-August during the rut. From the beginning of June until mid-July hunting is made more difficult by the high vegetation in the large fields.

Your accommodation will be in our private hunting lodge. In Eastern Hungary you can enjoy a relaxing stay in comfortable hotels located in or near the hunting areas. 
In Hungary the roe buck trophy size is calculated by weighing the trophy with the complete skull 24 hours after boiling and cleaning, and then deducting 60-90 grams.

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Red Stag

Hungary is truly considered to be the first choice for those wanting to hunt European red stags, whether in free range or on estates. A unique experience is waiting for you in the rut season. 
No other country in Europe offers so many different possibilities to the red stag hunter. Whether you are stalking or shooting from a high seat in our carefully selected hunting areas with a large game population, you have the best opportunity of shooting that red stag of your ambitions. Our private hunting lodge lies in the middle of one of the best free range hunting areas for red stag in Hungary. They are located an hour south of Budapest in the Danube catchment area. Other free range hunting areas are located in southern Hungary and around Lake Balaton. 
We hunt in two of the largest and most natural estates in Hungary.

You can hunt red stags from September to the end of January.  
Enjoy days you will never forget, hunting the king of the forests.
You can count on trophy weights of 7 - 12 kg taken in the wild. On estates you can hunt red stags with a trophy weight of 7 - 19 kg. 
In Hungary the red stag trophy size is calculated by weighing the trophy with the complete skull 24 hours after boiling and cleaning.


Fallow buck

Hungary also has the world's largest population of fallow bucks and offers first-class trophy size. No other country offers comparable quantity and quality of fallow bucks and trophies.

During the rut in October, hunting is open in our quality hunting areas for first-class bucks. The largest populations are to be found in four different regions. One of these regions with top-quality areas is located in a radius of 40 km around our hunting lodge, while the other ones are in south-east, north-west and north-east of Hungary. Three full days should be scheduled for a successful hunt. One of our hunting estates offers an incredible rut for excellent fallow bucks. Fallow deer doe can also be hunted successfully here after the rut.

Both in the wild and on estates you can count on trophy sizes from 3.5 to 5.5 kg.

In Hungary the fallow stag trophy size is calculated by weighing the trophy with the complete skull 24 hours after boiling and cleaning. 

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If you are interested in hunting mouflon we recommend our hunting estates in the Bakony Mountains.  
The average trophy size is 80 - 100 cm (31.5 - 39.5 inches). However, rams with a trophy size over 100 cm (39.5 inches) are shot every year.
The best time is from October to the end of February, since the rams have a particularly thick coat and long mane in winter. Mouflons we can hunt all year through.

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Wild boar

As in other countries of Europe, wild boars are among the most widespread game species in Hungary. If you are interested in spectacular tuskers, Hungary is the right place for you as you can hunt these all year round and in combination with any other game that is in season.  
There are several successful methods of hunting big tuskers. The most frequently used method is to stalk them during the day in the dense oak forests but they can also be shot from high seats or during small driven hunts. 
Mature tuskers have a tusk length of 18-25.5 cm (7-10 inch). Mature tuskers weigh from 100 to 275 kg (220-605 ibs). The hunt is in natural hunting estates.

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Wild boar driven hunts

The driven hunts for wild boars are legendary and are scarcely equalled anywhere in the world. These hunts have an international reputation for first-class organisation and exceptional bags. 

For many hunters driven hunts for wild boar represent the peak of hunting as they demand concentration, rapid reactions and great hunting skills. We organize wild boar driven hunts for small groups of 2 or more, on our estates, lasting from one to four days. As the biggest operator for wild boar driven hunts, Wild Instinct is the right outfitter to talk to and let organize you an unforgettable and adrenalized wild boar driven hunt. 
Please contact us for information on bag sizes on the estates. You can combine your wild boar hunt with a one- or two-day pheasant shoot. Wild Instinct is the biggest operator for high class driven wild boar hunts.

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Small game

Hungary is a popular destination for all who prefer the shotgun. We offer first class pheasant, duck and hare shoots.
The areas for pheasant shooting are located in the north and east of Hungary, while our duck shooting takes place in the east and south-west of the country. A combined red stag and duck hunt can be easily organized in September. The hare hunts are spectacular.
Your accommodation will be in hunting lodges or four-star hotels close to the hunting areas.
If you intend to shoot pheasants in northern Hungary you could also stay in the hotel of your choice in Budapest from which we can organize a helicopter transfer every day.
Daily bags of more than 1000 pheasants or ducks are possible for experts with a shotgun. 

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Budapest Hungary

Come and discover this cosmopolitan, multi-faceted country and its hospitable people. Its rich cuisine ranging from traditional goulash and modern style steak and sushi to “palacsinta” pancakes and its world-famous wines will complete the trip perfectly for you. 

Bring your family and visit Budapest – considered by many to be the most beautiful city of Eastern Europe. It is full of history and landmarks and offers everything you could wish for. 

During the hunt:
Wine tastings
Carriage rides

Buda Castle
Parliament Building
Heroes' Square
Boat trip on the Danube
Guided city tours
Underground railroad
Christmas market (winter only)
Spa, wellness, massage
Famous hot steam bath
Excellent restaurants and exquisite shopping