Kilombero North Safaris 

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Kilombero North Safaris was founded in 1994, today it is one of Africa’s premier safari companies. KNS currently own and operate in nine hunting areas in Tanzania making them one of the biggest operators in the country. 


The nine concessions cover three distinct ecosystems, with six neighboring concessions, covering in excess of 3,450,000 acres, in the famed Kilombero Valley in South/Central Tanzania. These areas are famous for their large herds of buffalo, lion leopard and crocodile. The company’s two Northern Masailand areas are situated just south of the Kenya/Tanzania border and offers the collector all the Masailand species. KNS’s concession in Tanzania’s Western Province falls in the Ruaha ecosystem and is known for big elephant and lion. The amount of huntable land and huntable species offered by Kilombero North Safaris makes them unique in today’s Africa and offers the discerning sportsman the opportunity to experience Tanzania in a way that will never be seen again.


Kilombero North Safaris prides itself in its conservation and community development programs, and the company has been internationally recognized as one of the biggest privately funded contributors to nature conservation on the continent.

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Cape Buffalo

The unique terrain of the Kilombero Valley, density of buffalo and excellent trophy quality contribute to some of the finest Cape buffalo hunting in Africa. 
Throughout our Kilombero hunting blocks you will find fantastic buffalo habitat with grass covered miombo woodlands and many kilometres of rivers flowing through the area. In places the woodlands open up to short grass, patches of reeds and mud holes which is the perfect areas to stalk in close on old dugga boys with a double rifle. Due to the high density of Cape buffalo you will have to chance to see buffalo or follow fresh buffalo tracks each day of your safari.


Big Cats

The Kilombero Valley has always been well known for excellent quality lion & leopard.

Due to our ongoing success to conserve the habitat & wildlife in our Kilombero Valley hunting blocks and the strict quota systems we follow, Big Cats thrive here. The resident buffalo herds attract a high number of lion and leopard are prolific throughout the Kilombero Valley.

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Our camps in the Kilombero Valley range from thatched chalets to comfortable en-suite tented accommodation. All camps are equipped with 220 volt electricity and are  fully catered with daily laundry services.