The year was 1984. The scene was a beautifully rugged, remote ranch in northeastern Utah. It was the beginning of a dream, and without sounding like we’re bragging, the beginning of the legacy of Bucks and Bulls, a legacy that we feel, has put this organization at the top of the list of North American outfitters, hunting exclusive private ranches for trophy elk, antelope, mule deer, and Shiras moose.

Our organization is over Three decades old, and we’re not saying we have done everything exactly right. However, through the learning process, the principles of honesty, integrity, dedication and hard work have been our underlying backbone. We are very trophy conscious and take a lot of pride in producing trophy animals year in and year out for our clients. We have been able to be associated with and have exclusive hunting rights on some of the very finest working ranches in western North America.

Bucks and Bulls is known for our Cooks, Guides, and staff in general. We work hard to provide a great “team feeling” that the hunter truly appreciates. Bucks and Bulls understand fair chase hunting at its finest and will hunt to and along with the physical capabilities of the hunter.

With recommendations from wildlife biologists, we have strictly managed the wildlife on these ranches as to maintain quality from year to year. The benefits for our clients and for us are the ability to harvest truly outstanding big game animals every fall, which we have done at such a consistent rate that our return clientele is in the eighty percent range.

If this is the kind of hunting that arouses your interest, look no further. The dreams of many of our clients over the last two decades have been realized because of great ranches and the knowledge and dedication of our staff. Whether looking for a trophy mule deer over 190 B&C points, a bull elk over 350 B&C points, a Boone & Crockett antelope, or a quality Shiras moose; the hundreds of truly trophy class animals that we have produced for our clients and the memories, elations, and friendships kindled over the many good years, are priceless.

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