Frequently asked questions

What is Hunterz Hub

Hunterz Hub is a membership-based website built to get you out hunting more,

And it’s built for the hard-working American just like you!

We are tired of folks complaining about not being able to draw the Arizona strip deer tag, too many hunters on public land, or the price of their dream hunt being unobtainable.

We want to fix that, and get you out hunting more NOW!

We have hunted all around the world with the best outfitters and some of the worst outfitters, and we know what the best gear and the worst gear are to take on your hunting adventure. We have gone through tons of airports, dealt with multiple airlines, and have learned what works and what doesn’t work. In return we are here to give it all to you.

By becoming a member of Hunterz Hub you get access to:

100% trusted and vetted outfitters we personally hunt with

Companies and gear we 100% trust and use

First dibs on hunt cancelations

Deals and discounts with our trusted companies

Tips and tactics on planning, booking, packing, and accomplishing your dream hunts


Every single month we have HUNT and GEAR GIVEAWAYS with the exact companies we trust and outfitters we use all around the world.

We want you guys to skip the learning curve that we had to go through, so you don’t have to waste your hard-earned money and time. We have done all the vetting of outfitters and gear for you! Its this simple, WE ARE GIVING YOU THE OPPURTUNITY TO WIN YOUR VERY OWN DREAM HUNTS AND THE BEST GEAR IN THE INDUSTRY EVERY SINGLE MONTH! along with a huge private online hunting forum for you to meet hunters just like you and receive tips and information for you to be a successful hunter. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!

How often do we giveaway hunts?


What other giveaways do we have?

We have weekly goodie box giveaways and we have a minimum of two product/gear giveaways evey month

Where can we watch the giveaways and hunts?

We are producing weekly videos on our YouTube channle with our giveaways and our hunts