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Hunt more nation Hunting Team member:

Will need to travel to Expo/conventions, will need a passport and will travel international with Hunt winners and to verify new outfitters. (2 or more international trips a year)

Background in sales would be great but if not that’s fine we will introduce you to one of the greatest sales teaching platforms out there where you can learn from the best at Cardone University.

Would be great if your within an hour or two of Evanston, Wyoming to be able to do weekly and monthly meetings in person, not required but would be a bonus.

Hard Requirements:

Must be a Hunter/huntress.

Must have a computer to do emails, zoom calls, and manage content.

Must be 18 years or older 

Must be driven and wanting to help grow the company plus themselves.


Please send your resume to

Guys we are  In search of a cameraman.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  •  Create high-quality content across different media types. Projects may include video and photography, ads, shorty or long video projects, animation graphics, event sets, and different environments, etc.

  •  Participate in creative strategy meetings with various stakeholders to determine project specifications and develop concepts and execution timelines.

  •  Under general supervision, create innovative video and photographic sets, including placement, theme, type selection, size, color, content, copy, and overall look, and feel.

  •  Assist video and photography team with assigned projects and work to ensure that the composition, colors, and subject matter meet the requirements of the project.

  •  Actively work to improve processes, quality, and cost-efficiency of creative projects.

  • Developed and diverse communication skills - ability to articulate creative ideas and present to stakeholders

  •  Flexibility to either collaborate with all team members as well as work solo uno

  •  Communicate work and projects being worked on and time frames associated with them

  •  Flexibility and ability to travel and work weekends when and where necessary (this happens quite frequently)

  •  Ability to travel outside of the US if needed for hunts and other projects

  • Travel to Expos and events to create content with our team and customers

Hard Requirements:

  • Passport.

  • Camera gear that you are comfortable with.

  • Must be 18 years or older.

  • Must have a computer to do emails, zoom calls, and manage/build content.

  • Must be driven and wanting to help grow the company plus themselves.

  •  Excellent organizational and time management skills, ability to work in a dynamic environment, under pressure with tight deadlines

  •  Proven ability to multitask, detailed-oriented, efficient

  •  The ability to own your role and your tasks, to think ahead, and to help contribute to marketing, brand, and design goals

  •  Mission-oriented and results-driven personality

  •  Independent and quick self-learner

  •  Strong verbal and written communication skills

  •  Work well with members of the team

  •  Highly organized and capable of managing many tasks and assets throughout a project timeline.


We want someone that wants to learn and grow with us and our other businesses.. We want someone that knows there way around a camera but is hungry for experiences and adventure. We will be filming a lot of in house projects, projects across the US and projects international!

 There will not be another place you’ll get these kind of adventures and experience on a regular basis like with us. 

We are wanting someone willing to move to Evanston Wyoming or that is located within a driving distance for daily work flow. But this job will take you to some of the most remote parts of the world.

We want our cameraman to have experience editing with the thirst to learn and grow more.

This first year will

Be a learning curve for everyone and we promise that the experience you’ll have will be priceless.

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