2021 African Safari Success!

If you guys haven't check out our Hunt winner success page on our site you need to.

Just this year we have had some major success on the Dark continent with our past hunt winners and members only package hunters.

With the 2021 Safari season winding down and our North America hunts starting this week with one of our hunt winners heading to Four Horse Outfitters to hunt rutting bulls in Wyoming. (

stay tuned for that hunt )

We are gearing up for a epic 2022 safari season with hunt winners.

Don't forget we have members only pricing with some of our great outfitters and would love for you to join our team while on safari.

If you see any packages that trip your trigger and want to see the dates we will all be in Africa shoot us a email over at bookyourdreamhunt@hunterzhub.com

Lets plan your dream Safari.

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