22 of the biggest Mule Deer taken in the past 6 years

If you love big bucks you'll want to check this out.


Hunter: Dan Allenhughes Score: 236" State: Texas

Hunter: Dave Hansen Score: 222 4/8" State: Colorado

Hunter: Parker Colburn Score: 220" State: Arizona Photo credit: Darr Colburn

Hunter: Unknown Score: Unknown State: Kansas Photo credit: Sagebrush Hunts

Hunter: Cody Boutin Score: 269" Area: Saskatchewan Photo credit: Cody Boutin

Hunter: Gary Steele Score: 225"  State: Utah

Hunter: Dennis Kennedy Score: 259 5/8" Area: Saskatchewan

Hunter: Randy Ulmer

Hunter: Trinity Walker Score: 222"

Hunter: Clint Heiber Score: Unknown State: California

Hunter: Casey Baugh Score: 215 6/8" State: Colorado Photo credit: Muley Connection

Hunter: Bowdy Gardner Score: 255" State: Colorado

Hunter: Brandy Williams Score: 215 4/8" State: Colorado

Hunter: Brec Bundy Score: 290 5/8" State: Arizona

Hunter: Bryon Goswick Score: 221" State: Arizona

Hunter: Jack Brittingham Score: Unknown State: Nevada Photo credit: Mogollon Rim Outfitters

Hunter: Kent Score: 258 2/8" State: Arizona Photo credit: A3 Trophy Hunts

Hunter: Luke Madson score 222”

Hunter: Tony Smith Score: 259" State: Idaho

Hunter: Jeff Richards score 259” photoed is son Skyler

Hunter: Brady Daybell Score: 230" State: Utah Photo credit: Brady Daybell

Hunter: Jason Campbell Score: 232 1/8" State: Nevada Photo credit: Mogollon Rim Outfitters

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