3 Reason You Must Hunt Africa NOW!!

  1. Africa is often said to be the last great adventure and us at Hunterz Hub wholeheartedly agree with that. Africa is a continent that has the most huntable species of game and the most diverse landscapes to be hunted. It is a continent where you could hunt there every year of your life and never see it all. It's a place where the meaning of adventure runs true, you can be in wild Africa and fall a sleep listening to lions roar, hippos wonder about the banks, and Hyenas cackle through the night.

  2. Africa is one of the most affordable hunting destinations on the planet. Today a guided mule deer or elk hunt is going to run you roughly $6-13,000 on average with a large amount ranging much higher than that. That is not counting the travel to and from the hunt or any expenses not included in your hunt, license fee's accommodations, food, and taxidermy. For $13,000 you could experience one hell of a African Safari with licenses, food, lodging and travel included. You can even have a $13,000 full package deal all the way down to bringing your species back and having the taxidermy work done. Africa is as tailored made and customizable as it can get to fit your needs and budget.

  3. Due to the craziness of all the anti hunting organizations fighting to shut down hunting across the continent of Africa in the near future it very well could be a possibility that you could see hunting close in select countries for select species of game. The closing of these areas is the closing of memories you could make, jobs you could provide, and much needed resources needed to keep and protect sustainable hunting across the dark continent.

What are you waiting for let's GO to Africa NOW!

Article by: McKenzie Sims

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