A Hunt That Wont Put You In The DogHouse

Have you ever wanted to book a hunt or have booked a hunt and it's landed you in the doghouse from your significant other?

Well we have just the hunt that will keep you out of the dog house and possible give you some brownie points.

An Hawaiian hunting adventure is a hunt that you and your loved one or family could enjoy.

Our Friends at Maui Hunting Safari are a family owned and operated company with some incredible land to hunt on the island of Maui.

They normally just do two or three day hunts for Axis Deer, & Goats and that would be the perfect way to make a sell to the wife. "Honey do you want to go to Hawaii for a week?"

Then you end up spending a few days hunting then the rest of the trip relaxing on the beach, going to luau's and checking out some of the amazing sites on the island of Maui.

This is a trip we guarantee she or he love and would not be upset with you for booking another hunt.

Visit our Friends at Maui Hunting Safari for more info on this great hunt.


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