Another Africa hunt winner with a successful Safari

We had another African safari hunt winner slip over to Africa the first week of June 2021.

Alex Nestor was the lucky winner of a bow hunting safari and was finally able to travel across the pond and try his luck with African Bowhunting Adventures.

Alex took a few of his good friends along the way that also harvested some great animals.

Alex and a mega Cape buffalo bull he took with a crossbow.

Alex with a very nice bush Duiker

Jim took this monster white Springbok while in Africa with Alex.

Robert with a very nice common Springbok.

Alex connected on a very nice Waterbuck bull.


Alex was able to arrow a big bird!

Alex with his friend Jim who came along on this hunt with Alex and took several amazing animals.

Thanks Alex for being able to bring some friends along on your journey to Africa for them to get the African experience.

Alex and a great Blesbok.

Alex and his blue Wildebeest.

Alex and a large white rhino that he did vita dark ( The rhino was just tranquilized to have some blood work and other studies done before it got back up and talked away.

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