Booking a Africa Safari

When it comes to booking a Africa safari many folks get nervous when they start to think about the logistics and everything that goes in to play with booking a international hunt.

But it shouldn’t be that scary, with a few simple tips like these it will make booking a safari more enjoyable and less of a headache.

You can go about this two different ways you could go through a booking agent or you can do it yourself either way you need to do some research with a booking agent unless you’ve used them several times and trust who they support you’ll need to look in to the agent find some references that have used them and see what the world is second once they find out a outfitter don’t just sit back and say cool. Do a little looking into them find their website and stoical media pages and see if you like what you see and get the reference list from theirs site and give 2 or 3 people a call and see what their experience was like. With just a little looking you’ll be able to find out if they will be offering a experience that you picture having in Africa.

Booking a Safari yourself. There are several things you should put in to play when looking to book your own safari.

If you don’t have any references from close friends one of the best ways is to go to and attend the annual Safari Club International convention and walk the show floor there will be several hundred African outfitters & Ph’s where you can actually sit down face to face and get a feel for how your relationship could be they normally have photo albums from past safaris and a brochure with a reverence section for you to be able to call. There should be past clients there as well that you could chat with and get a drink and hear how they enjoyed the camp food and the hunting area. But don’t just stop at one booth get options and brochures. See if the Ph that would be guiding you is at the show and talk with him see how you mesh not all Ph’s attend the shows and most the time you wont be hunting with the big face of the company and you cant just go off how your one on one interaction went unless he or she will be personally guiding you.

If you cant make the shows the next best thing to do is talk to friends that have gone or friends of friends if they are available. Regardless go old fashion internet research is good look for outfits that keep their sites up today and provide some reference contacts, also hop on social media and do some researching that way. With the way Facebook, Instagram & YouTube work these days you’ll be able top learn real quick what kind of outfit you are looking at and if they have a good reputation.

Booking a Africa safari isn’t hard and shouldn’t make you stressed out. Your booking your dream trip!!

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