Elephant hunt cancellation

Dear members we have a elephant hunt cancellation with one of our trusted outfitters in Namibia that runs a top notch 5 star wild Africa Safari camp

Here are some hunt details.

We have a very special offer on two cancelled Trophy  elephant hunts for 2019 in our hunting area.(to be hunted before 15 Nov. 2019)

The same place    (very Good Area)  . inside the National park –

Our normal elli price for 2019 is 85000 and the special is only 55,000usd plus Vat on accommodation.

  This  work out around 57000 usd per trophy elephant hunt .

We can do this two hunts in the same time slot as Koos s son Kobus can take the one hunter and Koos the other one  (a 14 days hunt)

This is a great area and camp that we have personally hunted and you could expect to see100-200 elephants a day along with tons of other Africa wildlife life.

If you are interested in taking this hunt please contact Christine Chapman at info@huntafrica.com.na

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