First Time Cape buffalo Hunt? Your Going To Walk A-LOT!

If you are planning on traveling to the dark continent in search of your very first Cape buffalo here is one thing that you should prepare for.


Buffalo hunting is all about tracking. Now some times you will get lucky and bump into a heard of buffalo or a lone dugga boy while driving down the road and be able to make a short stalk before the shot, but 90% of buffalo hunting is done tracking!

Many of days and hours are spent cruising the roads in search of a fresh set of tracks and some times those tracks never lead you to a heard of buffalo, some times you get in on them and there isn't a solid boss bull, more times then any you get in on them and start to pick them apart when the wind swells and send the heard thundering off. You will spend many hours walking many miles in some times some serious heat.

So the best way to prepare for this is walk. And walk in some heat remember to carry water and stay hydrated while you do this but if you put your hunting boots on and can cover many of miles in the hills, on trails, or on a tree mil this will 100% help better prepare you for the challenges a true wild Africa buffalo hunt can throw at you.

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