officially measured by the Boone & Crockett Club this week. At 216 3/8, the ram shatters the previous world record by 6 inches. The ram died of natural causes on Montana’s Wild Horse Island State Park

Photo credit: Pope & Young Club. There’s a new world record holder for Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. South Dakota hunter Clayton Miller shot what’s now considered the largest hunter-killed bighorn sheep by both Pope & Young (P&Y) and Boone & Crockett (B&C) in Pennington County, South Dakota, on Oct. 20, 2018. The ram, which had a final score of 209 1/8”, surpasses the prior archery world record by nearly 10”.

Jim Hens took this giant 202-inch Missouri River Breaks bighorn in September 2012

Justin Sheedy giant ram taken in 2017 was officially scored by a Boone and Crockett Club judge last December. Based on those measurements, the ram tied the current hunter-shot world record. With a score of 208 3/8, Sheedy’s ram is in a dead heat with Guinn Crousen’s bighorn ram shot in 2000 in the Luscar Mountain region of Alberta, Canada.

Jason Bruce harvested this Nebraska’s bighorn sheep. This ram was estimated to be 10 years old, had a gross score of 195 1/8 and netted 193 5/8 on the Boone and Crockett scale.

Hunter: Guinn D. Crousen Score: 208 3/8 Year: 2000 State: Luscar Mt., AB

Hunter: Katherine A. Pyra Score: 203 4/8 Year: 1992 State: Sheep River, AB

Kristopher L. Lookhart Harvested this giant ram in Fergus Co., MT in 2010 the ram scores 202 3/8 what a giant sheep.

Guinn D. Crousen not only took the giant 208 3/8 ram thats the biggest ram ever taken by a hunter he harvested another giant 200 ice ram in 2001 that goes 201 2/8" talk about lightening striking twice!

Patrick L. White harvested this giant mountain ram in 2009. This amazing ram has an incredible score of 202 2/8" lWho doesn't love the look of this ram.

Larry Strawson took this giant ram back in 1997 in Nikanassin Range, AB. The ram scores an amazing 201 2/8"

Jeff Demaske took this giant state record Colorado rocky mountain bighorn in 2018 with a incredible score of 205" Jeff is one of the most accomplished sheep hunters we know. Congrats to Jeff on this giant ram and all of his great hunting accomplishments.

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