Giant Velvet Muleys

Do you like big velvet archery bucks?

Jed Lowe Aug. 29 arrowing of a massive Colorado mule deer — a 10x11 velvet-horned monster non-typical that has an early green score as high as 277 0/8 inches gross and 273 0/8 inches net. 2005

Brandon Wicks a 252-inch buck, and he had a total of 25 points

Preston Hannifin 34" wide with a 197" typical frame and 26" in extras, putting him right at 223"

Mark Adams hunted with Wade Lemon Hunting taking this GIANT 8x8 with a main frame that was 208" with 40" of extras for a total score of 248"

Frank Cheeney’s buck scored 205 6/8"

Jason Carter. Scored: 248" Year: 2010.

Cody Robbins 292 inch Giant unofficial world record

Wade Heaton. Scored: 240". Year: 2011.

Travis Holmes. Scored: 234" Year: 2010.

Jason Campbell 215

208" Jack Brittingham

Photo credit: Randy Ulmer

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