Hunt Winner's African Success

We are finally hitting the ground in Africa with Hunterz Hub members after a year of being shut down due the pandemic....

The first week of June 2021, July 2020 hunt winner Todd Erickson trailed to RhinoLand Safaris to hunt his night critter package he won and check off some other dream species that he wanted to add.

here is a few of the species Todd was able to take.

Todd and a great Civit cat.

Todd an his great Eland.

Todd an a very nice Genet cat.

"After a buddy telling me about Hunterz hub I signed up in march of 2020. Fast forward to July when I received a call saying I had just won the June hunt giveaway for Rhinoland safaris night predator package. I was shocked. Recently I just returned from my hunt and it was absolutely amazing. Not only was the outfitter awesome but Hunterz hub was a huge help in all logistics every step of the way. If your not a member you are missing out in a huge way I urge you to sign up now don’t wait.

Todd Erickson. June 2020 hunt winner"

Todd's girl friend Sam accompanied him on his hunt and was able to get a few animals of her own.

Todd and his fantastic Nyala bull.

Stay tuned for a feature blog post with more of Todd's success!

Will you be the next African Safari hunt winner??

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