Hunt Winner Success

This past week we had two Hunterz Hub hunt winners head out on hunts at Four Horse Outfitters

August 2020 Antelope hunt winner Trenton Beckstead started his journey to Four Horse on Tuesday but was caught in the extreme winter weather that struck Wyoming turning his 8 hour trip into over 24 hours. He was stuck in Casper Wyoming with roads closed and while waiting for the roads to open he had 4 vehicles come past him and drive around the closed gates. So he followed suit with them and managed to get to camp that night.

On the last day of his hunt he was able to take this really nice antelope buck.

October 2020 Mule deer hunt winner Justin Klement was also effected by the winter weather starting leaving his home in Montana. The same day that Trenton was dealing with the roads closed Justin was stuck in camp watching the wind and snow pile up. After the snow stopped the next morning Justin and Trenton loaded up together to go look for bucks after finding a group of bucks the challenge wasn't over yet they had to deal with deep snow drifts slowing there approach down. Justin made one heck of a shot on this buck bedded down, he didn't even move. Stay tuned for two videos coming from these hunts.

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