Dallas Safari Club recently sent out a email about the " Iconic African Species Protection Act (SB 117)

California's latest legislation, SB 1175, would both ban the importation and possession of eight commonly hunted African Species, Including Taxidermy received after 2020. These species include: Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Giraffe, Hippo, Hyena, and Zebra. This is an overreach by California, and in no way would this bill benefit these wildlife species.

Please contact the California State Committe on Water, Parks and Wildlife and tell them to vote "NO" to the Iconic African Species Protection Act (SB 1175)Below are talking points ti use.

. This bill will violate the endangered species act

. In no way does this bill benefit California's wildlife conservation efforts.

. The survival of any of these species list in not enhanced though this bill.

.This bill is unenforceable and would stretch California Game and Fish financial and time recourses.

. African Wildlife departments depend on revenue generated through hunting to conserve these species.

Please take the time to call.

you might not hunt Africa but once they get Africa they will come for us and your deer and elk hunting remember that...

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