My most successful hunt since I started. Members Story

By, Kevin McKnight

My most successful hunt since I started about a year and half ago, came in January 2021. I’ve tried and failed hunting deer and javelina in my home state of Arizona over that time. My non hunter girlfriend came with me for the first time for an archery deer/javelina hunt. Our first day out, we didn’t spot a single animal, but we were still motivated to get out the next day. Next day, we spotted animals, but not what we were looking for. On day 3, mid afternoon found us 4 miles deep into a mountain range setting up to glass from a hillside. We heard a javelina squeal down in the wash separating us from the opposite slope. I grabbed my bow and dropped down heading in the general direction. She stayed up glassing looking for them. When she spotted the group, she sent me pictures with them circled to guide me in. 17 yards and a double lung shot on a javelina began what I hope to be a successful life of bow hunting. Plus, my girlfriend was there with me and is now looking at bows for herself. That experience is something I’ll never forget.

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