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I'm constantly asked the question: "What’s the best North American rifle and cartridge combination you guys offer?"

This usually brings to mind moose, elk, deer, and bears. Most people already have in mind some form of a 30 Caliber, be it 300 PRC, 30 Nosler, 300 Win mag, or 300 Rum. I usually advise guys to pick a rifle system that will work for their application before nailing down a caliber. For example, the Magnus, is the best of both worlds - light but comfortable to shoot heavier rounds and keeps you on target after recoil due to the great stock design. Lighten it up with a titanium action and carbon Wrapped barrel and you have a really nice build that is not too heavy to pack around. Then, after the rifle system is configured, come back to caliber. I will point a guy to the 28 Nosler almost every time. Why? Numbers don’t lie!

The 28 Nosler, shooting a 180-grain bullet is within 50 Ft-lbs of your bigger and heavier recoiling 30 Caliber cartridges. So why beat yourself up on the range? Shoot a 28! As you can see in the short video the recoil is very manageable and I'm able to see every impact downrange. 

With the wind that day, I was holding 2 MOA at a distance of 1,200 yards. that’s 24 inches. As an example, if I was shooting a 300 Win mag, running a 200 grain bullet, I would have closer to 30+ inches of wind hold at that range. To put it in different terms, the 28 Nosler approaches 338 Lapua wind performance. With a cartridge that performs better in wind, I gain capable shooting distance and can get away with much more error in my wind calls while still making one shot kills on game!

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