Our Members Rock!!!

Hunterz Hub member Brady Jardine @jardine_22

Just got back from an epic hunt in Spain with our friend and trusted outfitter @corjuhunting Check out these two Epic old Ibex he arrowed.

"I’ve had a goal of killing a Gredos Ibex with my bow for a long time. I never dreamed I’d not only kill a billy but that I’d kill one of the top 5 Gredos ibex ever taken with a bow! 14+ years old. 77 yard shot with my Hoyt RX-1. Top 5. Free Range." Brady.

"After my arrow hit the billy, ibex started to run everywhere. My guide saw this female jump up on a rock just behind where my billy was. He excitedly told my to hurry and shoot her. She was roughly 85 yards and I hit her perfect. After the commotion, I asked my guide why he had me shoot a female. He said, “you will see when we get to her.” We followed the blood trail and found her 150 yards down in the cliffs. She was skin and bones and had no teeth left. After counting Rings in her horns we found that she was 20 years old!! The oldest ibex any of them have ever seen! Another unreal trophy!!" Brady.

Both these Ibex are very special and such an accomplishment!

We have 5 of our Hunterz Hub members that have all booked and went on. hunts with @corjuhunting and all have nothing but great things to say.

We can't wait to hunt with them soon and have a GIVEAWAY for all of you!

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