We are back with another outfitter highlight!!

This time we are highlighting our good friend and long time trusted outfitter Four Horse Outfitters in Wyoming.

Four Horse Outfitters is a ranching based outfit that operates on over 300,000 acres of land with 150,000 acres owned!

On their property and leased land you can hunt Mule Deer, Turkeys, Elk, Antelope, Whitetail, Coyotes and Mountain Lions.

They have a very comfortable lodge with great home cooked meals, a full sized bar, pool table, two lounging areas and a 600 yard + shooting range.

We have been going to Four Horse Outfitters since 2014 and have been sending Hunterz Hub members there since the begging.

We are looking forward to another jam packed fall coming up with Four Horse Outfitters!


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