Shipping Your trophies home

We are constantly getting asked Do you have your taxidermy. done over seas or shipped home?

Now there are some great taxidermist overseas but 9 times out of 10 they are average or below average.

So we do highly recommend that you have all your animals shipped home and mounted at your preferred taxidermist here state side.

Quality control is a main reason why we urge you to send your capes and skulls back to be mounted here. After you spend a lifetime saving up for your one Safari or one international sheep or Ibex hunt the last thing you want to do is cut corners on your taxidermy work. That's. how your memories will live on for your lifetime and many to follow.

Horrible lion mount credit from google

Quality Lion mount from Monarch Taxidermy

Along with quality control you should make sure you have all skulls shipped back as European mounts and nothing cut up because if you want to wait and not rush to have shoulder mounts or life sizes done you can display the skulls in the mean time. Everything has to be properly clean before it is shipped so you receive skulls that are clean and presentable to have as European mounts.

Besides Taxidermy it will substantially lower your shipping bills. When crating up 7-10 shoulder and or life-size mounts you will accumulate more crates and have more weight there for upping you shipping bills.

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