So you didn't draw a EXPO tag either???

So you didn't get a Western Hunting Expo tag??

well the odds of winning just one of the limited entry deer permits was 1-10,105

Unfortunately the expo tags only happen once a year and the excitement and anticipation only last maybe a week for most of us.

At Hunterz Hub your odds of winning a $20,000+ hunt is better then winning two of the Turkey tags at the expo just think of that. At Hunterz Hub the excitement lasts for your entire membership because we giveaway HUNT'S and GEAR every single month! thats 24x the giveaways and 24x the excitement, Plus we send you a goodie box for FREE when you sign up!

That's $100,000+ in products, prizes, and hunts you could win for just a one year membership price of $150.

If your not a member your missing out! Your odds of going on your dream hunts will NEVER be better.

Sign up today!

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