Some GIANT bulls from over the years.

Here are a few of the giant bulls taken in recent years that break that magical 400 number enjoy this throwback.

Leo Goss: Wade Lemon Hunting and Leo Goss got it done on one of this year’s greatest bulls. The character of this 5×7 giant is simply amazing. Congratulations Leo and WLM!

2. Candice Hogan: Talk about mass! The pictures of this animal on the Tines Up Forum are incredible. Click this link. Special to this hunt was the DIY husband and wife team. Candice and Wes Hogan put in a great deal of time pursuing this bull together. Their hard work paid off!  Congrats Candice!

Cole Medlin: Out of state hunter Cole Medlin downed this bull with the help of Wade Lemon Hunting on public land. Take a look at those fronts! Congrats Cole on a bull of a lifetime.

Wade Lemon Hunting

Wow what a year for women! The Bess family and Timber Mountain Outfitters got it done on yet another behemoth bull. At 445″ there are few to challenge this bull’s sheer size. Congrats Ashley, Timber Mountain Outfitters, and Tines Up!

Ron Skoronski was hunting in Utah in 2006 when he took what may be the largest true 6x6 ever. It has been officially measured at over 428 B&C


441", Sue Anne Kinney, NV Mossback

454", Sue Anne Kinney, NV


Score unknown, Mike Gallo, AZ A3 Trophy Hunts

444", hunter unknown, MT Montana Outdoor

446", hunter unknown, UT Tines Up

422", Albert Henderson,

Oregon bowhunter, Michael Park with colburn and Scott outfitters guide Jay Scott, Michael’s Arizona archery bull gross scoring 435-4/8 non typical .(Click here to see the video of Michael's AZ archery elk hunt) and (Click here to see more pictures of Michael's record book hunt) and (Click here to watch second video of Michael's bull)

Colburn and Scott Outfitters guide Jay Scott and his Arizona bull elk that scores 404-4/8 typical net and grosses over 427 inches if not broken the bull would have went over 440.

Shannon Kollmeyer 408 gross 399.5 net velvet score

Taken with Bull Ridge Guide service

Broc Brimhall 435 gross 417 net

Taken with Bull Ridge Guide service

Nick Marich 405 gross 391 net

Taken with Bull Ridge Guide service

Allen Sheater 420 gross 407 net

Taken with Bull Ridge Guide service

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