Texas Aoudad

On October 17th I found myself getting on a plan to West Texas for what will soon become one of my most memorable hunts. Back in February I signed up to become a member with hunterz hub, never expecting to become the lucky recipient of a free range Aoudad hunt. We arrived at camp and after meeting my guides and settling in there was a couple hours left to take a evening drive around the ranch. After returning to camp and discussing what we saw over a home cooked dinner I knew there was a really good chance for me to harvest an exceptional ram. After a good nights rest we got up ate a good breakfast and had a thirty minute drive to where we were going to start glassing. It didn’t take long for my guides to spot a old, solitaire, battle worn ram laying in the lower rolling hills of the Texas desert. After a short deliberation with my guides I decided that this was going to be the ram for me. We gathered our gear and started our stalk, once we cut the distance in half I found myself laying prone at 413 yards waiting for the ram to stand up and present me with a good shot. After being set up for about five minutes the ram stood up and started to feed and presented me with a good broadside shot. Once we reconfirmed the yardage again I took the safety off, settled my cross hairs and slowly squeezed the trigger and shot that mother fucker. Once the dust settled I got my shit together I just realized I had shot a spectacular ram and could not wait to get up closer and take a look. As we approached the ram we realized it was even bigger then we expected.

By Michelle Wolfley

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