The Africa Experience Part 1

There is nothing quite like the first morning of a Safari whether its your 1st or 100th.

A morning on Safari brings you the sights, sounds, and smells of Africa that will make you take it all in and feel lucky to be alive.

The sunrises and sunsets are not matched anywhere else in the world.

Africa truly is the last great adventurer and a place I think you should all see.

Africa is a very large continent with a massive verity of wildlife found across its great countries. That’s the best part of the dark continent, you can tailor make a safari to fit your wants and needs. You can go to the far ends of Cameroon or chad, or hunt the biggest wildlife reserve found in the great country of Tanzania in 5 star tented camp, you can hunt the great Zambezi valley, or you can hunt the large private farms and reserves of South Africa and Namibia while staying in 5 star lodges outfitted with full wet bars, WIFI, air condition, heat and swimming pools.

A safari doesn’t have to break the bank but if you have the cash you could sure spend some days traveling this amazing land.

South Africa and Namibia are game rich countries due to its private game farms and breeding programs, bringing back numbers of species to extremely healthy numbers from the value that hunting put on them. Both of these country’s are great first time Safari destinations that can provide amazing experiences at a great cost.

But for this article lets focus on South Africa.

South Africa has unfortunately got a bad rap over time with the fly by night outfitters that run weekend hunting camps that don’t own massive property’s, are hunting very small farms and promise the moon before you arrive. This frustrates me because it hurts the proper outfitters running top quality hunting operations.

I can assure you that even the most “OK” Safari will have you wanting to re book, but I want you to have great Safari and wanting to figure out how to come back year after year.

South Africa is one of the most exciting countries in the world to hunt. It offers a diverse combination of landscapes, vegetation and wildlife together making it a unique destination for the safari enthusiast to Africa.

Eastern Cape offers panning vast semi-arid desert, dense coastal forests, mountains and open savannah. With great species such as the Cape Bushbuck, Cape Kudu, Blue Duiker, Cape Grysbok and many more.

Superb Cape Bushbuck taken in the Eastern Cap with John X Safaris.

Hunting the Free State The fertile soils of South Africa's Free State province have ensured that much of this area is devoted to a thriving agricultural industry. However, these high-lying flat plains also provide the ideal conditions for a variety of plains game species, which has seen a rise in reserves, national parks and game concessions. The Free State is known for its amazing Springbok, Blesbuck and Black wildebeest herds along with great Kudu and Red Hartebeest hunting along the ridges and Koppies.

Limpopo province has your typical African bushveld which varies from open country to very dense bush. Creeks and gullies open into marsh areas which make hunting a unique and real African experience. The Limpopo boast big numbers of Kudu, Limpopo bushbuck, Spotted Hyena, and bush pig amongst many other great animals.

Great Eland Taken in the Limpopo province with Rhinoland Safaris by Hunterz Hub member Todd Erickson.


Does offer some great FREE range south Africa hunting with large areas that have massive Cape Buffalo herds that have been there since the start of time. This province is well know for producing fantastic Kudu bulls and big Nyala

Northern Cape is home to the Kalahari Desert but still boast a very diverse terrain which includes some rocky ridges, big red sand dunes and wide-open Savannah offering a very cool experience to the Safari hunter. This country produces exceptional Gemsbok and springbuck along with many other species such as great tracking lion hunts, and other traditional plains game such as Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest and more.

Great Golden Wildebeest taken with 4aces Outfitters in the Norther Cape

So when planning your 1st or next safari to South Africa you should take into consideration what your wanting from the experience. What animals you’d like to hunt, what type of terrain and landscape you want to hunt in and what other features you want to add to your trip to Africa.

Hopefully this quick run over the hunting opportunities in the different provinces of South Africa will help you when planning your Safari.

Great Kudu from KMG Safari in the eastern Cape

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