The Bucks Of 2019

We hope you like looking at GIANT bucks because here are some of the biggest Mule Deer bucks taken across the lower 48 , Canada & Mexico in 2019.


Congrats to Mike Gallo and @mossbackoutfitters. Truly a deer of a lifestime. #300 #MuleyMonday #2019

Dane Driver with a GIANT from Arizona @mossbackoutfitters

Congrats to @tyson4705on his 2019’ Buck!

Congrats to @bullridgeguideservice and their hunter on a velvet GIANT.

Congrats to Cliff Findlay, @claybundyoutfittersand @mdaoutfitters. Cliffs 2019’ Arizona buck scores well over 250 with over 50 inches of mass. #2019

@wade_lemon_hunting client with a GIANT . #muleymonday#2019

@nicolerichards7 doing Roundy Things and killing Big old bucks. Congrats Nicole on another velvet stud.

@Virostko and the crew at North Rim Outfitters struck big to open up their 2019 season.

@Virostko and the crew at North Rim Outfitters " Diego will always hold a special niche with all of us here at NRO ... 3 years and 6 days to finally catch up enough to put an end to the adventure, and man oh man, what an adventure it was. Our hats are off to our own local legend."

@Virostko and the crew at North Rim Outfitters.

Brad Shurtliff won a Paunsaugunt archery deer tag for $5 at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City. Little did he know that the payout for that investment would be one of the biggest typicals to have ever come from the state of Utah


THE STORY OF “SLEEPY”!!!...I truly do live for the chance to share my hunting stories with others that share the same passion...and I know in my heart, this will be the GREATEST STORY I WILL EVER TELL.

Congrats to Shane Rhoton and all the guys at @a3trophyhunts on Shane's velvet archery GIANT

@a3trophyhunts Mike D. Hammered this giant opening morning with A3 guides @hunterweems_ and @garrettlsmith

@gohunt President, @lorenzo_sartini11’s awesome archery buck

@huntalphaoutfitters hunter Kevin and his 240" MONSTER

Jeremy Scholzen’s dream drop tine buck of a million lifetimes!

@heavyhorned mega 41" wide velvet MONSTER

@jeffrey.row who finally got to wrap his hands around his own Monster Buck.

@matthewsrobbie incredible archery buck.

claybundyoutfitters & @greg_krogh old #azstrip giant!

Congratulations to Shane Rhoton on another Arizona giant! Shane @sdrhunter continues to add to his collection with this incredible 10x12 with 45 4/8” of mass and a gross score of 270”.

rutnhard Wife Aleia with a Arizona strip GIANT!!! #240

Congrats to @graig_ogdenand son @chasonogden on a GIANT

@nboren9 and his Colorado GIANT. Congrats Nick.

Kinsey Lewis was the lucky Antelope Island tag holder and sure made the most of it with this giant.

Leo G and his mega mass buck he harvested with wade_lemon_hunting

Giant buck for @longwarrior_outfitters Dad

@catcountryoutfitters dad with a GIANT OF A BUCK from up north. Congrats.

@taysondavis4 with a GIANT framed buck he took this season.



Huge congrats to @konley_heaton on a giant of a lifetime.

Congrats to Dwayne N. On his 2019 #AZStrip STUD!! What an incredible typical buck. big_chino_outfitters

GIANT. 238” as a 5x6 is incredible. Congrats to hunter Ron skoronski, @virsotko and @mossbackoutfitters

@roundy_5 and his 2019 Utah Muley. Congrats McClain

Broc Brimhall's 2019n Utah GIANT

@thecrushtv Lee Smoked this Giant Alberta buck