Three MUST HAVE items on any international hunt!

3 Things you need on every international hunt!

With us giving away a lot of really cool international hunts and lots of our members and readers wanting to explore these options of international hunts we want to start giving you guys some tips on what to expect and start doing when your planning those hunts and about to go on those hunts.


When packing for a international hunt lots of things change depending on hunt type, country, and game species you are hunting. But lets break down some basic and things that we would take on ever international hunt.

Here is a list of basic items we would make sure and take on ever international hunt.

1. Rescue travel insurance

There are a few companies that offer this type of service such as Ripcord & Global rescue.

These companies will help get you off the mountain or out of the bush when shit hits the fan and you need medical assistance or you feel like your life is in danger. This is a must have when traveling abroad and isn’t even a bad idea when traveling from state to state hunting.

2. Delorme/ Garmin inreach

An inreach Is a satellite texting device that you can Bluetooth to your cell phone and run off a app or use the deceive its self. To send SMS text messages all around the world and have your waypoint marked if you’d like or you can have it off but it lets you get in touch with family & friends or other hunting buddies a few ridges over when you don’t have normal cell phone service. The inreach also comes with an emergency SOS button that will contact emergency services and send them your location if your in dire need of help.

3. Medical Kit

We highly recommend you carry a little medical kit with you on every hunt. Besides your daily medications we suggest packing medication for headaches, upset stomach, & cold medicine one or two tablets of each can go along way. Along with medication we pack band aids and some ointment cream to put on small cuts and scraps. You never know what you might need so its best to be prepared.

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