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DATE KILLED/FOUND: 11/25/1926 ESTIMATED AGE: ??? LOCATION: Chip Lake, Alberta, TERRAIN: Pine / Coniferous GROSS SCORE: 361 6/8 Inches NET SCORE: 355 2/8 Inches SCOREABLE POINTS: 43 SPREAD: 22 1/8 Inches (Inside) MASS: 5-Inch Base (Right) / 4 4/8-Inch Base (Left)

The current #1 SCI non-typical Desert Mule Deer was hunted by Dave Hanlin with a rifle in Sonora, Mexico in January of 1987. The buck had 24 points and his main beams measured over 23″ each. Inside spread of 25 7/8″ and scored 273 2/8″.

Photo credit: Bruce J. Barker

The current #1 SCI non-typical Rocky Mountain Mule Deer was hunted by Steven P. Smith with a rifle near Alton, Utah in September of 2001. 34 points. Main beams measured over 25″ & 24″. 20 5/8″ inside spread. buck scored 317 4/8.

Alberta trophy deer
Photo Credit: Alberta hunts

Dana Wood's buck of a life time from Idaho. He is 33 inches wide and gross scores 229 inches.

Brent Morrill Huge Muley he harvested

Scott Thomas harvested this mule on the opening day of the general season in Wyoming. He was able to shoot the buck at 300 yards after spotting it from a mile away. It has a main frame 3 point and scores 201 inches.

Pat Gibson took this mule in Idaho measuring 216 inches

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