Travel With Guns

Are you looking to travel International this year but not sure how to take your rifle with you?

We use and trust TWG (Travel With Guns) They have booked flights for us, handled permits, arranged bag services and much more for hunts all around the world Africa, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

Use a company that is looking out for you and that knows what they are doing.


TWG.TRAVEL is a travel agency for hunters and sportsmen traveling internationally with their firearms and/or ammo. Our services are available to clients nationwide from our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, and have been for more than seven years. Our owner, however, has been in this business for more than 30 years, and knows every rule and regulation associated with hunting abroad.

A Brief History

In 1969 job opportunities moved Steve’s family to the coal mines of Natal, South Africa. Here Steve was sent to a small school called Uelzen Primary School where he learned to speak, read, and write Afrikaans and German. He completed his schooling at Wartburg-Kirchdorf High School in the Natal Midlands, just outside Pietermaritzburg. By this time, the family had moved to Swakopmund, Namibia.

After completing his schooling, all Steve wanted to do was travel. He worked for a year at Rossing Uranium Mine outside of Swakopmund, and saved up enough for a two month vacation in Europe. It was here that his love for travel flourished. Prior to leaving for this trip to Europe, he applied to work as a travel agent at the local travel agency, Woker Freight Services. His manager and mentor, Elke Gruttemeyer, taught him all the basics. It was apparent that Steve had a natural flair for the industry

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