Trusted Western Mule Deer Outfitters

Looking to book a Muley hunt out west or about have enough points to draw that Mule Deer tag of a lifetime?

Here are our 100% vetted and trusted outfitters that can help you.

Mossback Guides and Outfitters has been around the block a time or two and has a great team of guys spread out throughout the western states that just know how to find and hunt GIANT mule deer! With several states under their belt, land owner permits, draw areas, auction tags, you name it mossback has it and can do it.

An experience that won’t soon be forgotten Wild Man Adventures, Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Carter and Jen started their outfitting business hunting between Utah and Wyoming. With the purchase of their first camp outside of Alpine, WY their business took off. Wild Man Adventures now runs 4 camps and has a variety of settings and experiences to offer. Wild Man wouldn’t be where they are today with out the help and guidance of family and friends. With several experienced guides on staff we offer some of the best experiences and success rates. We pride ourselves on offering an honest and memorable experience.with bucks ranging from 160-200+ this is a great backcountry horse back hunt if you have a few points to burn and want a true pack in experience

Four Horse Outfitters has over 300,000 acres that they hunt on. With a great population of Mule deer this is the place to go if you want to enjoy staying in a 5 star lodge with great meals and atmosphere. You will see between 10-20 bucks a. day with deer averaging from 140-165. with a few bucks being taken from 170-200+ each year. The tags easy to draw and is the place to get a youth hunter out hunting muleys.

Clay Hill runs a top notch operation in Colorado for world class mule deer. Clay can guide Draw tags, Land owner tags, & Auction tags across the state. Over the years Clays been apart of some of the biggest bucks taken in the state of Colorado and he continues to put his clients on the best bucks possible each and every year.

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