What is our mission?

At Hunterz Hub our mission is to get you out hunting MORE!

Here is how we plan to do that.

Hunterz hub is a membership based company that we built to get you out in the field hunting more, who doesn’t want to hunt more ?

When you become a member you get access to a online hunting forum with tips and Information on where to hunt internationally and In different states along with discount codes on products and gear and first dibs on cancellations and discounted prices when booking with our trusted outfitters. But the best part about hunterz hub is we give away products, gear and HUNTS every single month. For a $150 You get 5 automatic entries into every hunt giveaway for the next 12 months. we do minimum 1 hunt a month if not 2 or 3. Every outfitter we use are 100% trusted outfitters that we have personally hunted with and we know run a outstanding business. If you win a hunt or book with them we know you will not be disappointed and it will be money well spent.

We want everyone to learn and experience more then just the local deer hunt or the turkey hunt in their back 40d. We do give hunts away for the lower 48, but we only giveaway and promote the best. They main goal is to help teach you more about your once in a lifetime dream hunt that you can do more often or sooner then your think.

We hope that if you sign up for a membership you really enjoy the content and information we put out and that we can get you out in the field hunting more NOW!!

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