What should you carry on?

When flying international or domestic for any hunting trip this is what we recommend your make sure you have in your carry on’s.

When flying your allowed one carry on and on personal item.

We recommend you have a roller bag of max size (some planes will very) to carry on or a duffle bag. Next we recommend a backpack (day pack size) as a personal item.

Here is a breakdown on what we recommend you packing as a general rule and you can substitute as you may wish we are not saying this is a must this is just a good idea to start and what we recommend.

Roller bag/duffle and back pack

Global Entry Card.

Form 4457 customs declaration. Form (with your rifle. Registered on it)

Copy. Of itineraries (put a copy in each bag)

Copy of passport pic (put a copy in each of your pieces of luggage)


Medical evacuation card (ripcord)

NOTE: We recommend keeping all of this in a travel leather/canvas with a zipper to keep valuables like this in

Roller bag/duffle:


Hunting boots in plastic bag (for customs reasons if going over seas)

A pair of hunting clothes. Shirts/pants/socks/underwear.

Toiletries in quart size bag



Fleece pull over. Or light jacket

Extra travel clothes

Bandana or neck buff


Copy of passport

Chargers for phone & camera

Extra camera SD cards

Headlamp & batteries

Pack of wet ones

Satellite phone & in reach (read why you should take both in our satellite vs in reach article)

Sweat pants and tee shirt (for changing into on long pants and around camp

Backpack Carry on:


Flash light

Laptop (small one)

A book

Medicines, prescription pills,(sleeping pills) and for cold/flu

Hunting hat


File with document copies from outfitter including contract


Electrical tape


You can mix and match and change this list remember this is just a recommendation.

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