Why Africa SAFARI?

Why go on an Africa Safari you might ask?

Safari is the last great adventure!!

An Africa Safari is one of the greatest adventures you will ever experience.

A good Africa safari outfitter like the ones we promote here on Hunterz Hub & many more will out perform any outfitting operation here in the United States!

These operations have 1st class 5 star lodges and bush camps throughout the continent of Africa. With a world class staff running them, from top notch chefs that prepare great 5 course meals, to great house keeping and maintenance staff that does laundry daily and gets you a hot shower anytime you call if your camp has the need to boil water.

These areas our outfitters operate in are game rich environments that are well manage and well protected with anti poaching teams, its not uncommon to see several hundred plains game species, cape buffalo or elephants day in some of these concessions.

Every PH that works for or owns these operations is highly qualified for the job with years of experience hunting Africas bush.

A Safari is a great hunt to take your spouse & family on with the great accommodations and food, matched with the amount of game the entire family can enjoy the experience and sights of Africa. It's a perfect place to take young hunters, with no age restrictions your child can get behind the gun and multiple times and get the feel for hunting and not be pressured with a draw tag in their pocket or having to wait till they are old enough to hunt in there home state or laboring states.

You can not match or beat the sights and sounds you experience while hunting Africa, it truly is one of the most amazing adventures you will ever do in your life and its a place that grabs ahold of you and never will let go. Africa has away of making you start planning your return trip before you even leave its soil.

We hope you all get to hunt the dark continent in the near future and get to experience all it has to offer. At Hunterz Hub we provide 100% proofed/vetted outfitters to our members with discounts and first dibs on cancellations + we GIVEAWAY several Safaris a year to our lucky members so don't miss your chance lets help get you on you'e dream hunt!

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