WHY PhoneSkope?

Why do you need a Phone Skope?

Here are a few reason why you need a PhoneSkope!

Ever go out in the field and see that GIANT Buck or Bull and go home to tell your buddies about it but have zero proof? Invest in a PhoneSkope and have the proof to show and say look at this GIANT I videoed.

With a PhoneSkope you can capture some unbelievable footage. its so simple, light weight and easy! It's the 21st century everyone goes out in the field with their cell phones and everyone is wanting to take pictures and video for social media to show and tell.

PhoneSkope is making that possible.

With your binoculars or spotting scope you can easily attach your phone in seconds and hit record or snap that pic.

No matter if you're on that once in a lifetime hunt or that once in a life time moment happens your PhoneSkope kit can help you capture and save the memory.

Having a PhoneSkope can save you time in walking 4 ridges over to sit and wait for a buck to come out that you wouldn't have walked over there to sit for if you'd had a better look. You can video and photograph game several ridges over and play it back, zoom in to look at size and age class to see if its a something worth making the stalk on.

Another plus to the PhoneSkope is being able to record shots whether you are at the range or in the field, you can inspect shot placement on game and steel moments after.

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Get your PhoneSkope set up today!


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