Who We Are

Stormberg Elangeni Safaris was formed in 1999 by a group of like – minded ranchers in the Eastern Cape, all with a passion for wildlife and hunting and a desire to utilize the diverse game species on their properties. From these small beginnings, SES has evolved and diversified to offer some of the finest big game, plains game, bow, and bird hunting available.

Our logo is derived from the legendary Fredrick Courtney Selous, whom Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America, credited as being the world's greatest African hunter. This fulsome praise was bestowed on Selous, by an equally great man, after Roosevelt was guided by Selous on his five-month African Safari in 1905, thus probably making Selous the first African Professional Hunter. A hundred years later Selous reputation and legend still lives on. This was based on integrity, fair chase hunting and respect for his quarry. Stormberg Elangeni Safaris bases its business principles on these same standards.

The shareholders consist of five families with experience in the hunting industry ranging from 10 to 25 years. Stormberg Elangeni Safaris prides itself in having a dedicated staff including professional hunters, video photographers, office personnel, caterers, trackers and skinners. Our dedicated Professional Hunters will endeavor to guide you on your quest for the trophy of your dreams in a fair and sporting manner and our support team will ensure that your safari is organized from beginning to end in a personal and professional manner.

Most plainsgame and bird hunting safaris take place from our own lodges based in the Kat River and Stormberg Conservancies within the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, where over 40 species of plains game occur. Our dangerous game safaris take place in the Timbavati wilderness, which is situated in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.

We also offer big game safaris in Zambia and Mozambique as well as other parts of southern Africa.

Stormberg Elangeni Safaris prides itself in a high percentage of repeat clientele with a number of hunters returning year upon year to experience the thrill of hunting in Africa with us.


Stormberg Elangeni Safaris pride themselves in offering some of the finest big game, plains game, bow and bird hunting available. Stormberg Elangeni Safaris is based within the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Safaris take place from our private lodges based in the Kat River and Stormberg Conservancies, as well as throughout Southern Africa. Our dedicated Professional Hunters will endeavour to guide you on your quest for the trophy of your dreams in a fair and sporting manner. On your safari a competent support team is on hand, ensuring that every detail of your trip is being addressed, in a friendly and professional manner.


Kat River Conservancy

The Kat River conservancy is situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. This conservancy, which is over 125000 acres, was established in this cattle ranching area to promote the environment to ensure the enhancing of both flora and fauna.


The vegetation in the Kat River Conservancy varies from thick bushveld and indigenous forest to savannah. This country is home to most of South Africa’s browsing species of antelope. Hunting is typically done by sitting and glassing across valleys and then getting oneself in a position to make a clean shot.


Temperatures are somewhat warmer in this temperate low-lying, thickly wooded country than in the high altitude of the Stormberg Conservancy. The evenings can be cool and the days warm to hot.


Stormberg Conservancy

The San Bushman first inhabited the Stormberg, where relic rock art caves still bear testimony to their existence. This area has witnessed a number of battles in both the Boer and Frontier wars and is steeped in history. Stormberg Conservancy was established to promote the environment and be conducive to the enhancing of both flora and fauna. The conservancy ensures that ethical standards in hunting and related activities are maintained.


The Stormberg Conservancy is a mixture of picturesque mountains and open valleys, situated in the high country of the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Part of this 100 000-acre conservancy’s rich ecosystem includes 20 species of plains game, numerous game birds and waterfowl. This high altitude montane grassland area is famous for its Greywing Partridge hunting, and boasts the most stable populations of Vaal Rhebok in Africa.


The quarry in this area live from the open plains up to the rugged mountainsides, where the altitude extends up to 7500 feet above sea level. Hunting in this region can be strenuous due to the walking and stalking that is required. Hunters here will be exposed to long-range shooting, so a good flat shooting rifle with variable scope is advisable. Cool temperatures can be experienced in this area; therefore it is advisable to bring warm clothes. The days can be temperate, with cold mornings and 

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